Monday, 1 February 2010

Three Views of Passing Time


‘I mean perhaps in the end you do manage to forget about the past; but then it’s the past that remembers you.’
(Francesca Marciano: Casa rossa)


‘And meanwhile you were the only one condemned to know that in reality the facts of themselves do not explain a thing, that under their shiny membrane everything remains perpetually in need of being discovered, given a justification, connected…
‘…the history of As If … our life passes, in carrying on As If…’
(Carlo Fruttero & Franco Lucentini: La donna della domenica)


‘I remember days and gestures that go like the tracing out of a crack, they launch out randomly to work out a way of lasting…
‘We are fish upon the surface of the water.’
(Erri de Luca: Tre cavalli)